Wine:30 Parklet | Street Seat


Street seats address our love for tactical urbanism and transforming parking spaces into vibrant places for people.  

We were tasked with designing a new street seat in Milwaukee, Oregon outside of Wine:30. The site consists of two angled parking space and currently has a street seat platform that doesn't meet ADA standards. Our design exploration started with how we could make a powerful visual impact within a very tight budget. We decided that a bright color would be a powerful way to distinguish the new street seat from the surrounding environment. Each side is lined with planter boxes that shift in height. These support linear benches on each side of the space and allow for flexible use of the space in the middle. Movable tables and chairs can increase the seating capacity, or the furniture can be removed for gatherings or live music performances. To save costs, rather than building up a platform we are laying down brightly colored artificial turf, to create a softer surface that is visually separated from the surrounding concrete. The color of the turf will match the colors of the painted steel planters. Above, we have designed supports for hanging lights which will illuminate the space at night and increase the visibility and safety for passing cars. 

In addition to the Wine:30 Parklet, we’ve designed these other Street Seat and Parklets:
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Lucas Gray - Project Designer
Tuan Vu - Project Designer


Milwaukie, Oregon