Propel Studio Architecture specializes in the design of timeless and sustainable residential projects of all scales, creative commercial developments and retail environments, and inspiring community design.

Our focus is less on the size or type of project, but rather on the opportunity to enhance people’s lives, improve the environments in which we work, and craft beautiful places. We begin each project with research to understand the site, context, and client needs. With this foundation our deign team carefully crafts concepts that respond to the context in which we build, integrating our architecture into each unique community, responding to climate, culture, local materials,and the surrounding built environment. We work closely with our clients – listening to your needs, expectations, taste, and goals – to develop beautiful solutions that address the intricacy of the program and budget.

Propel Studio was founded with the idea that we could give back to our community by providing creative solutions to the built environment. We believe in creating socially responsible architecture that improves our communities for all people. With each project our studio explores the intricacies of the program, the unique aspects of each site, and local climate to develop a strong concept that we follow through the project’s completion. We work at all scales from small pavilions, ADUs, and custom homes, to neighborhood planning and commercial developments.

We are passionate about what we do. We believe architecture holds immense power to make our world a better place and improve the lives of the people that live in or use our buildings. Our responsibility is to carefully wield our skills to deliver amazing projects for our clients and the community.

We work in a collaborative environment where we share ideas, challenge our preconceptions and push our designs to be innovative, beautiful, and responsive.

We work in a collaborative environment where we share ideas, challenge our preconceptions and push our designs to be innovative, beautiful, and responsive.



Propel Studio has committed itself to making architecture that has a minimal impact on our environment. We have a holistic approach to sustainability, taking a wide range of economic, environmental and social factors into our designs, as we craft projects that reduce energy and water consumption and have a positive impact on the health of occupants and the surrounding environment.



Creating architecture that meets the needs of our clients, incorporates sustainable design strategies, and is beautiful, takes time, careful consideration, and a strong team. We work closely with our clients and consultants, and within the office we start each design with research to set the direction and project goals. From there, we embark on an iterative journey to find the best solution to each design challenge.

Timeless Design

Buildings can last decades and often outlive the original owners and design team. With this in mind, our approach is to develop designs that are timeless in nature, that go beyond current trends or style fads. By utilizing high-quality durable materials and strong design fundamentals, we create beautiful projects that stand the test of time and grow with our clients.


Community Involvement

Our dedication to community doesn’t start and stop at our office door. Each of our employees is involved in various volunteer organizations in the communities in which we live and work. We serve on non-profit and Neighborhood Association Boards, within the American Institute of Architects, volunteer with Architects in Schools, and through local social and business groups, among others.