Ancient Forest Preserve Kiosk


Drawing inspiration from the surrounding old growth forest, this kiosk is built from restoration juniper and frames views to the forest beyond.

Marking the starting point of a new trail through an old growth forest just north of Forest Park, the kiosk offers a place for hikers to sit and rest, and framing views into the forest beyond the road. We sourced the materials from Sustainable Northwest Wood and left the wood rough and raw to fit into the natural environment. The simple geometric form contrasts with the complexity of nature while the rough wood contrasts the sharp lines of the frame. As the trail network on this property is built-out the kiosk will support trail maps and other signage.

Installations and public art projects are fun projects for our design team as it gives us opportunities to test ideas, play with new materials, and collaborate with various organizations. In this case, we worked with the Forest Park Conservancy on the design and construction of this kiosk.


Lucas Gray - Project Designer


Ancient Forest Preserve
NW Portland