Raindrop Taproom


Wrapping the serving area with natural wood, sourced from Oregon, provides warmth where the customers come to order their beverages.

Our directive was to design a simple, impactful interior within a tight budget based on grants the business owner received. With the funds fixed, we strived to be resourceful and strategic with material selections, to create an elegant interior that would speak to the brand of the business, while being affordable to construct.

Keeping a minimal material pallet, and strategically using more luxurious materials where the customers interact with the staff, allowed for us to still create a striking interior within the client’s budget. We also took cues from the adjacent retail space, a Tea Cafe we also designed, to create some unity between the businesses. This will support collaborations and cross promotions to help both businesses thrive. This extends to the general aesthetic of the interiors, as well as some graphics and exterior signage that will also compliment the exterior architecture of the building.

Check out Milk+T, the other small business interior design we did in the same building: https://www.propelstudio.com/project/boba-cafe

Project Team
Architect - Propel Studio
Contractor - Deform NW
Client - Raindrop Taproom
LL - Rembold Properties
Photography - Carlos Rafael