The Suncatcher | Sustainable ADU


Internally nicknamed “The Suncatcher,” we took advantage of the south facing site to create a form that maximizes the benefits of the sun for both daylight and passive heating.

The form of the building became long and thin, allowing the sunlight to stream all the way through to the back of the building. A simple shed roof was optimally angled to shade the windows during the heat of the summer while allowing sun to penetrate the facade in the winter. The exposed concrete floor provides thermal mass to regulate temperature fluctuations and maintain a comfortable interior atmosphere. Along with the deep roof overhang we also introduced a series of light shelves and operable shading devices to regulate the amount of light and heat that enters the building.
Once the form of the building was set, we looked to local materials to create a northwest modern aesthetic. The exterior siding is horizontal tongue and groove cedar. Inside, we exposed the wooden roof structure to give a sense of warmth and texture. These beams align between the windows and continue under the roof overhang, visually connecting the interior and exterior. The concrete floor flows out through 5 large sliding glass doors to a patio, connecting the living spaces with the surrounding garden, making the home feel larger than the interior space alone.

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Nick Mira – Project Architect, Lucas Gray – Designer


Portland, Oregon