Marla Manor | Affordable Housing Exterior & Energy Updates


Collaborating with ROSE Community Development, we designed a renovation to an affordable housing project in East Portland, providing energy efficient, low-maintenance solutions to extend the life of this 40 year old apartment community

With an emphasis on triple bottom line sustainability, the project team focused on how we could create a better place to live, a healthier and more comfortable indoor environment for tenants, and extend the life of a naturally affordable apartment complex. To achieve these goals we are re-skinning each building’s exterior with new siding, insulation, and utilizing updated building science principles.

Each ground floor unit gets a small canopy and wood privacy screening to provide covered outdoor space, activating the central landscape area and reinforcing the community connections. To create a beautiful, inviting, and long-lasting project we introduced natural wood in the protected areas under the canopies, while a more durable CERACLAD rainscreen siding system is utilized on the walls with more weather exposure. We are also replacing all of the windows to increase the insulation value of the building envelope and reduce drafts, moisture issues, and energy loss.

The interiors of each unit are also being renovated to include more efficient heating, cooling and ventilation systems and upgrades to the kitchens and bathrooms.

Affordable housing is one of the biggest issues facing the Portland region and we are proud to be working on finding ways to help address this issue. Building renovations like this, where we can lengthen the life of older housing stock - is a great cost-effective way to provide much needed affordable housing. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with Portland’s Community Development organizations to continue providing healthy sustainable and affordable housing that accessible to people of all incomes and backgrounds, from ADUs and missing-middle housing to larger multi-family projects.

Architect - Propel Studio
Contractor - Charter Construction
Renderings - Trung Nguyen

Portland, Oregon
Centennial Neighborhood

ROSE Community Development