Holgate Dispensary and Cafe


A bold, clean, and modern aesthetic is what the clients tasked us to develop for this dispensary design in SE Portland. 

The clients are aiming to create a high-end, fully designed customer experience that sets this business apart from the many dispensaries across Portland, Oregon. To respond to the desire for a unique experience we developed a concept that will meet the strict restrictions of OLCC regulations, while allowing for a more open, visually connected space than what is common in the dispensary industry. We used partial height walls to keep the products from being visible from the street, while still maintaining clear glass windows and natural light to enter the entry lounge and sales floor. We kept the walls clean white, while introducing luxurious wood and polished copper highlights to draw attention to the product displays and customer interaction tables. 

Another unique aspect to this project is the addition of a large outdoor patio and garden, bridging the barriers of the exterior walls and creating a more striking interior experience. This outdoor area is designed to be able to host events, parties or just be a casual hangout area. This will set the dispensary up for future flexibility if/when consuming product on-site is legalized. In the meantime, it reinforces the brand of the company, creating an image that differentiates itself in the marketplace. 


Lucas Gray
Tuan Vu
Nick Mira

Rob Slattery - Construction

Black Belt Agency - branding and graphic design