Framing Parklet | Eugene Street Seat


Nestled in front of Townshends: Eugene’s Teahouse, this parklet serves as an extension of the sidewalk, creating space for passersby and tea drinkers to linger and converse.  

The concept for this street seat arose from the idea of frames: framing the city, framing nature, framing the pedestrian. Stacked together in a row, frames provide a series of filters, creating visual appeal as one looks down the row. Looking perpendicularly to the frames, small pockets of semi-private spaces become apparent, sandwiched between each frame. Made out of every day materials, rebar and wood, this parklet will be easy to construct. The four frames and the three platforms sandwiched between are independent units, allowing the entire parklet to be broken down and transported with ease. From their base, the frames offer rigidity and a solid foundation of 2x2 purple stained wood, both to provide seating and to enclose planter boxes.  Plants such as lavender were selected, not only because they coordinate with the colors of the frames, but because of their durability within the local climate of Eugene, minimizing ongoing care and watering requirements. Above the base, spray painted rebar reveals a more delicate structure of plantings above, allowing for a visual connection on between the sidewalk and the street while s ll providing a buffer for safety and ambiance. At night, the glow in the dark spray paint highlights the grid of the rebar and continues its visual appeal through dusk and into the night. 

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