Burnt Logs| Street Seat at Bonfire Lounge


Stacked Juniper lumber, with a dark charred look, creates a strong connection to the brand of Bonfire Lounge and offers a naturally weather resistant, beautiful finish

Dark and mysterious from the street, the object transforms, opening to an inviting destination of contrasting warmth from the sidewalk. Natural wood seating and tables create a strong juxtaposition to the charred wood of the floor and support. The east and west ends of the seat expose 4” x 4” ends of stacked restoration Juniper lumber, each ending in a pixilated texture. The street elevation is a simple wall that provides a feeling of enclosure, separating the patrons from passing traffic. The height of the structure is kept to 3’10” to preserve visibility and provide a safe environment for pedestrians. The north elevation remains flush with the sidewalk allowing easy access to the tables and lounge area.

The plan is broken up into two distinct zones offering patrons contrasting environments. On the east side of the platform are three booths providing table seating for the restaurant’s famous happy hour. Each table has a section that folds under to allow for wheelchair accessibility. The west end of the street seat offers a more casual, lounge environment where a single long bench hugs the area, enabling people to gather in larger groups or flirt with attractive strangers.

The schematic design includes a canopy that covers the seat and lets the space be used year round. The canopy is designed to be light and transparent preserving views through the street seat for safety while contrasting with the heavy solidity of the wood base. The structure will be comprised of corten steel tubes that support translucent poly-carbonate panels. The canopy will be constructed as phase two, later in the year when the rainy season begins.


Lucas Gray - Project Designer
Nick Mira - Project Architect


Portland, OR
Sunnyside Neighborhood