Marujyu Kagu Renovation  |  丸十家具 リノベーション





A northwest modern aesthetic is the driving force behind this interior design for a furniture store in Aridagawa, Japan.

This small business approached us to create a refresh of their furniture store, bringing a Portland vibe to the display floor while drawing people further into the store. The program included adding additional shelving for new products, a new display area for designer chairs, adding a movable partition that can create a multi-use space, all while drawing people down from the main floor level. To accomplish these goals we drew inspiration from the existing form of the building by extending the cascading staircase all the way back through the space. This staircase then morphs into terraced display platforms that could also act as stadium style seating for events, classes, or presentations. We are exposing and refinishing the existing concrete slab as well as the steel structure of the ceiling above - bring a modern industrial feel to the space. This is complimented by using reclaimed wood for the shelves and terraced display platforms - bringing the warmth and texture of the wood to contrast the steel and concrete. The material pallet was inspired by the industrial buildings, breweries, and maker spaces of Portland, bringing a taste of the Pacific Northwest to this thriving town in Japan. 

Tuan Vu - Project Designer
Nick Mira - Project Architect
Lucas Gray - Project Manager

Aridagawa, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan