Alberta Hot Yoga Studio


We aimed to create an immersive experience where each space had a unique atmosphere that engaged the senses.

Drawing inspiration for the terrain of northern Alberta province, we created a topography on the ceiling that flows through communal spaces, drawings visitors from the from reception back into the space leading to the changing rooms and studios. By focusing the design energy on the ceiling, we maintained maximum flexibility for the reception area to act as art gallery, lounge, retail, or gathering space depending on the needs at any given time. 

As you move back into the studio, the wood ceiling slats flow down and morph into a sauna pod. Within the pod, dark wood interiors and careful attention to lighting provides a tranquil place to relax and reflect. The studios include hot yoga, regular yoga and a spin studio. Careful attention was paid to the lighting in each space as well as acoustic separation between the various functions. 

Sam Sudy - Project Designer
Nick Mira - Project Architect
Lucas Gray - Project Manager

Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada