Park Avenue Master Plan


The purpose of Park Avenue Master Plan is to create a community fabric of thriving neighborhoods, shops, and restaurants; where services are green and sustainable, healthy and safe; woven together by walkable tree-lined streets, trails, natural areas and open spaces

A place with a diversified local economy strengthened by great educational opportunities and engaged citizens. The essential ideas are:

  • increase density while preserving neighborhoods & open space
  • provide basic services & employment opportunities within walking distance
  • make a wonderful place to live, work, shop & play
  • provide access to cultural activities & opportunities to learn by discovery
  • restore lost natural resources & culture of human connections
  • prioritize connections for people & natural habitat over cars
  • create closed loops for basic resource needs: food, water, energy, commerce
  • create a comfortable & meaningful place to be for children, seniors, and everywhere in between
  • use existing resources & preserve a sense of place, history


Tuan Vu - Project Designer


Milwaukie, Oregon