Champions Barbering Institute


Champions Barbering Institute's new location is designed with a sleek look and an inspirational flair that not only speaks to the Champions brand but also creates an efficient space that facilitates learning.

The concept of "learning on display" is applied in this project as a means to encourage interaction and support collaboration. This 2,000+ SF storefront retail space will be transformed into a barber college with an open lobby leading to a spacious work stations and a practice area. The multi-purpose classroom is connected to the lounge and lobby area with a large window borrowing natural light and views from outside. The barber school's logo and mission statement are incorporated into the feature "super-graphic" wall adjoining the barber station area. The wood used in the slat walls, ceiling soffit and casework strengthens the Champions barbershop brand, creating a warm and inviting, collaborative learning environment.

-Please enjoy our VR visual. You can use your mouse (or finger on mobile) to view-  



Tuan Vu - Project Designer
Lucas Gray - Project Designer
Sam Sudy - Project Designer
Nick Mira - Project Architect


Portland, Oregon
Alberta Neighborhood