Why We Build Luxury Custom Homes in Portland, Oregon

Propel Studio’s goal is to deliver inspiring and beautiful homes for our clients. As local custom home architects, we are inspired by the beauty of the context in which we design, respond to the unique lifestyles and needs of our clients, and pride ourselves on creating luxurious spaces to live in that are timeless in their beauty and enhance the experience of their inhabitants.


For us, the beauty of each of our projects lives in the materials and the details. We always strive to celebrate the inherent beauty in high quality materials. Quality, durability, and high-performance is what we consider when designing and selecting finishes, fixtures and other materials for each project. We look to the life-cycle costs as we design, balancing the upfront budget with the ongoing cost of energy, water use and maintenance. This is how we define a true luxury home.

Propel Studio starts each design by understanding the context in which the house will be built. Our goal is to make each project unique to the landscape and the environment it lives in. Being in the Pacific Northwest means we are constantly designing to address the unique aspects of our climate and weather patterns.


This includes addressing the winter rains, the moderate springs and falls, the beautiful (although sometimes hot) summers, and of course the beautiful light that changes with each season. We design the envelope (exterior walls and roof) of each project to be high-performance, addressing the need for insulation, shedding water, shading the summer sun, and standing up to the elements all while creating a comfortable and efficient indoor environment.

We also look for ways to connect home interiors to their surroundings through window placement, outdoor living areas like balconies, outdoor kitchens, decks and patios, and operable door systems that can make interior rooms transform into feeling like extensions of the outdoors.

The importance of this indoor/outdoor connection mirrors our belief that true luxury is sustainable. We are committed to making architecture that has a minimal impact on our environment through our holistic approach to sustainability.


A luxury custom home in Portland doesn’t have a set design style and neither do we. Instead of imposing a particular style on a project, we start by understanding the site, the landscape, and the unique needs of our clients. This forms the foundation of our design work and we then develop a project that responds specifically to those influences.

This approach sets Propel Studio apart from other custom home architects. Each of our projects are unique. We experiment with forms, materials, and technology to ensure each project responds to the client’s needs while creating inspiring and beautiful architecture.

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