What A Custom Home Should Be

For decades clothing, athletic and even technology brands have trained us to expect innovation, quality, inspiration, and purpose in our favorite products and devices. These companies constantly push cutting-edge design and style to be a valuable aspect of their products. This is why people covet Apple products, Nike sneakers, or Tesla's cars. Why shouldn’t you expect the same out of the design of your home? Why settle for a house designed by a builder rather than Architect? Why do people value old houses designed for a different time and lifestyle, than contemporary design that addresses how people live today and incorporates the latest systems, technology and materials?

For many people the previous statement is challenging. Most people have not and never will seriously consider hiring an architect to design a home that inspires them or is customized to address their lifestyle. Most will never own a home that is an extension of themselves and their family. And many still prefer antiquated styles rather than contemporary architecture, mostly because that is all they see on the market.

One issue is that a custom designed home is out of reach for many people, just like the new $1,000 iPhone X, a custom pair of Nike VaporMax, or a Tesla Model S is financially out of reach. We believe that architecture is actually a lot more accessible than people believe. We will be posting a follow-up article soon about the costs associated with custom homes. 

At Propel Studio we strive to offer innovative design to people of all income levels. Our work on custom homes has ranged from small urban infill for middle and working-class families, to contemporary houses in Portland’s West Hills. Regardless of the budget, we try to find creative design solutions to create innovative architecture that responds to the unique needs and lifestyles of our clients. We want to make contemporary design available to everyone and show the value that a well designed modern home can offer.

Have you ever wondered what a home ‘should’ look like? Rather than start with a specific style or aesthetic, why shouldn’t the design of every home be an exploration into how it feels, how it interacts with the environment and what the implications of all the materials inside and outside are? In our view, every decision that’s made, every detail, every texture and color should be an authentic reflection of our client, the homeowner, and address the context and climate in which it lives. Our firm isn’t limited by a set style, but rather with each project we set off on an exploration of how a building can best serve the end users. There is a famous saying that “form follows function.” We strive to follow this doctrine but add that a great work of architecture needs to also be beautiful.

We love to work with clients who want to push the boundaries beyond what they see on HGTV and we understand what their home means to them and how it enhances and supports their lifestyle. We find that the best architecture comes from the best clients. Our best work is a result of great collaborations with the people we are designing for. We like being challenged to come up with creative solutions that are both functional and beautiful. 

We believe that high quality doesn’t have a specific style. We believe there’s beauty in design that responds to and performs in its natural environment. We believe the most sustainable building is one that is loved by and cared for by it’s users for generations to come - that sustainable architecture must be high-performance as well as beautiful, durable and timeless. We believe in the value of making the right decision for the long-term. These are the values that direct our design process and the conversations we have with our clients.

If you’re interest in building a great home that meets your needs and unique lifestyle, we’d love to talk. Our goal is to help you wake up in a place where you know you belong, because it’s the perfect reflection of you.