Exciting news! The Institute for Sustainable Solutions (ISS) at Portland State University conducted an ADU survey as part of their Small Backyard Homes Project. The survey is the first of its kind as it targeted not only ADU owners, but those who live in ADUs as well. 

The survey results are in and they are hosting a webinar to discuss its findings in more detail. We hope you join us in attending the webinar! 

The survey was conducted with with Matthew Gebhardt, assistant professor of Urban Studies and Planning, and Yael Kidron, Ph.D. candidate in Urban Studies and Planning. 

When: Tuesday, 7/31/18, 12pm Pacific time / 3pm Eastern time.

Format of the webinar:

After a brief introduction from Robert Liberty, the webinar content will be divided into three sections:

1. Background and context of the survey

2. Overview of survey results related to the construction and financing of ADUs

3. Overview of survey results related to the users and uses of ADUs

Each section is 10-15 minutes, followed by about 5 minutes for Q&A, plus time at the end. The entire webinar will run about an hour.

How to submit questions:

During the webinar, questions can be submitted via the Q&A function at the link. You will need to enter your name the first time you submit a question.

You can submit questions ahead of time (but not during the webinar) by responding to this e-mail.

AICP credit is available: the event number is #9154827.

The full ADU survey report is available below.


For more information about ADUs and our design process click here: https://www.propelstudio.com/accessory-dwelling-units-adu/