Propel Studio Award for Design Excellence 2018 - Lisa Patterson

Each year Propel Studio sponsors an award for graduating Masters of Architecture students at Portland State University's School of Architecture. We are proud to announce that the winner of the 2018 Propel Studio Award for Design Excellence is Lisa Patterson. She was selected by PSU faculty for her "unique design sensibility and most exquisite hand drawings."

Lisa_Patterson_Portfolio Photo.jpg


From the Faculty:
"Throughout her Master's studies Lisa revealed herself to be a creative individual who consistently embodied a unique combination of sensitivity and rigor. She commands a graphic touch that deftly explores the intricacies of her architectural propositions, from clarifying parti to detail study. Her graphite and color wash hand-drawings exemplify, particularly in her thesis work, the subtle inscription of human occupation across the profoundly more powerful and encompassing orders of nature manifest in the dynamic interplay of landscape and river. Lisa's work is recognized with this award for offering clear evidence that ideas in architecture are deeply and generatively intertwined with the manner of their disclosure through drawing."


The "Propel Studio Award for Design Excellence" includes a $500 prize each year to a graduating student based on their body of work during their studies with an emphasis on design quality. The faculty of the School of Architecture selects the winner each year and the recipient comes into our office to share their work and design approach with our firm.

Our goal is to build a strong relationship between our firm and the university as well as support Emerging Professionals as they continue their career growth. 

For more information about the PSU School of Architecture, click here:

Last year's winner - William Chandler