How an Architecture Firm Can Help You Apply for Grants

If anyone reading this has prepared a grant application before, then you know it can be an extremely daunting task.  Collecting data, writing testimonials, narratives, finding supporting documents and all the information that goes into a grant application is enough to want to throw in the towel.  What if you had a field expert to help gather information and write it in a way that would effectively appeal to the foundation or organization you’re applying to?  That’s where an architect can help.  That’s right; an architect.  Below are a few specific ways in which an architectural firm can make your search for project capital much easier.

Project Narrative

Many grants require a persuasive narrative that should be equal parts descriptive and technical information.  If you think you may be out of your technical element, don’t fake it. The people reviewing these applications are likely professionals in the field and if they see information that doesn’t seem professional, they will toss your application on the spot.  Architects have the technical industry knowledge to help prepare a fantastic narrative.  Further, they are experts at marrying the technical with the emotional - capturing people’s imaginations while grounding your project in reality.  If you have an idea or a concept that you think is impactful to the project narrative, an architect can help supply supporting statistics and data that will back up your claim.  

Visuals and Graphics

Visuals are a high impact way to drive your point across and convey the big picture.  Architects are literally experts in creating models, renderings, plans and other visuals to reference in your grant application.  While most granting foundations are more interested in the details, providing a few well positioned visuals can separate your project from another competing applicant. Talk to your architect about the different visuals they can provide.  In our digital age, architects have the tools and expertise to generate renderings, walkthroughs, flyovers, animations, site and floor plans, and even 3-D models.


Presentations and Interviews

On larger scale grant applications, you may be asked to present your project or attend an interview – most likely with a panel of people or judges. Having an architect that knows your project there with you will not only help you answer questions correctly, but will also give you a professional appeal to the other side of the table. If they see you walk in with an architect, they will know you are taking the project seriously. Beyond the clout of having an Architect on your team, and the graphics architects create, they are also (generally) very good at giving presentations and talking to groups about conceptual ideas, design features, and the technical aspects of design and construction. They know how to appeal to different audiences and also how to say (and not say) the right things. 

If you have a great idea or an inspiring project in need of funding and feel overwhelmed with grant writing, visit Propel Studio to discuss your project.  Involving us at the beginning of a project is ideal so we can best help you focus your ideas and help tell the story of your project. Not only does adding an architect to your team add project value, it can also help rake in the capital to make the project happen.  

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