Zhou Jia Jiao Retail


The whitewashed walls and sloping roofs are inspired by the traditional Chinese water town architecture of the surrounding region.

Thousands of low-income families are displaced from their urban Shanghai homes each year. Brearley Architects and Urbanists won a competition to develop a low-cost housing community on the outskirts of the city. I was part of the design team in charge of the public buildings that service the housing blocks. The program includes flexible retail space, a fresh produce market, a community clubhouse, restaurants, parkland and underground parking. The overriding concept for the design is a series of bands running across the landscape that bend and fold up from the ground to create the building envelopes.

Member of the conceptual design team – responsibilities included development of the floor plans, elevations, parking layout, detailing, and collaborated with landscape architects on the master planning and landscape design.


Lucas Gray - Designer (while working at Brearley Architects and Urbanists)


Shanghai, China