Vernon Elementary School Sports Shelter


Zig-zagging gluelam beams covered by translucent polycarbonate panels create a dynamic sports shelter structure that speaks to the movement and energy of athletics.

The Vernon Elementary School in NE Portland has been working with our design team to develop ideas on improving their campus. As a pro-bono project Propel has offered our design expertise to create concepts for a revamped master plan including a covered sports field and a sheltered outdoor classroom. The sports shelter concept was used to create excitement within the PTA and help with their fundraising efforts.

We developed two concepts for the structure. The first was to use large gluelam beams that zig-zag down the field. The second concept called for each student and their family to assemble a triangle panel consisting o nominal lumber. Each student would get to choose the colors for their individual panel. All of the panels would then be attached together to create the wall and roof of the structure, becoming a multi-colored tapestry. The entire structure would be an assembly of all the contributions by the school community.

Click here to see our Vernon Elementary School Outdoor Classroom design:


Lucas Gray – Designer,
Kristin Slavin – Designer


Portland, OR
The Center for Architecture