The Loft ADU


Working within the confines of an existing house, we carved up a two story addition into a double height contemporary loft-style ADU apartment.

A bright, open and modern aesthetic was the goal for this internal conversion ADU. Working with an extremely tight construction budget and within an old addition to a house that was limited in size, we tried to maximize the impact of the design moves. This included ripping out the floor in the second level to create a double-height living area, adding in built-in storage, window seat, and bed platform, in the sleeping loft, and bringing in wood accents and bamboo floors to provide some warmth and texture to the interiors. The rest of the design aimed and being as simple as possible, with an efficient straight-shot kitchen, compact appliances, and durable materials. 

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Lucas Gray - Project Designer
Kristin Slavin - Project Architect

Portland, Oregon
Cully Neighborhood

50 sf