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A 100 year old Craftsman Bungalow is transformed into a modern home with timeless beauty in NE Portland.

We started with a 100+ year old house that was run down and neglected. The roof was leaking around an old cracked chimney, there were broken and missing windows, the floors had water damage and holes that were cut over time. The electrical heat was old, dangerous and improperly installed. There were multiple layers of carpet, linoleum and other flooring materials. The bathroom was leaking and there was rot and mold in the walls. 

With these conditions, we looked for ways to utilize the existing bones, but upgrade the interior spaces to be open, modern and light filled. We looked to use timeless materials, that would respond to current lifestyles but would stand up as styles and trends shift. We removed almost every wall on the ground floor, opening up the kitchen and TV room to the living room space. We opened the exterior walls with a large glass french door leading to a new deck. The bathroom was completely rebuilt, doubling the size of the original and creating a clean, modern aesthetic. We installed a pellet stove and a ductless mini-split for heating and cooling. We put in all new pre-finished white oak floors throughout, and completely rebuilt the kitchen with quartz countertops and all new cabinets and appliances. 

The upstairs attic space was converted into the master bedroom. We cut back the floor to create a double height vaulted space around the stairs and to bring light from the upstairs window down into the living room. We then carved out a space for a washer and dryer upstairs, and a low closet that also doubles as a railing along the double-height space. Built-in storage, bedside shelves, and white oak hardwood floors finish off the space. 

The exterior remained true to the original house other than replaced windows - with large casements. The main changes included painting the house black and developing a series of planter boxes and garden retaining walls that were finished with Shou Sugi Ban - a Japanese technique of charring wood. 

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Lucas Gray - Project Designer


Portland, Oregon
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