The Trellis ADU


Spindly timbers fold over a deck, for an ADU that respects multi-general aesthetics.

This ADU was inspired by Japanese residential architecture - with a contemporary twist on this iconic style, both the client and her mother (a Japanese native) felt at home with this design. Some traditional elements that emerge in this ADU are the recessed entry or "doma," custom sliding panels for the bedroom, natural wood screens by the stairs, and finally the "engawa" or roofed porch that fronts the garden, which is neither completely closed nor completely open. The second floor room also opens up onto an open air deck, bordered partly by green roof. 

Sustainable features include on-demand hot water, locally sourced wood, and low flow water fixtures and appliances.

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Sam Sudy - Project Designer
Lucas Gray - Project Designer
Nick Mira - Project Architect


Portland, Oregon
Overlook Neighborhood