Jiang Yin Stadium


Ramping plazas fold down from the concourse level while seating is oriented to views of the skyline and distant hills.

Interconnected with a series of elevated walkways and the subway system, this 35,000 seat stadium acts as a landmark for a new district while being easily accessible to the entire city. The main stadium level is elevated to provide retail space below. Large ramping urban plazas allow spectators to flow up to the ticket gates. Space for additional athletic activities and support services are located under these ramps. Garden light wells are carved out to bring natural light deep into the spaces below. The stadium anchors what we called the “sports block” – a district of our Urban Planning competition entry.

Member of an urban design team – placed in charge of developing the civic stadium design – collaborated on the concept and personally developed plans and sections – renderings by the BAU rendering team.


Lucas Gray - Designer (while working at Brearley Architects and Urbanists)


Jiang Yin, China