The Cube ADU


Beautifully compact, this ADU was designed to both fit snugly into a backyard in NE Portland, and also to work in various landscapes as a vacation cabin.  

The clients approached us with a unique request, to design an ADU that can double as a rental unit as well as performance venue for their backyard theater. Our response was to create a 400sf ADU with a mezzanine bedroom to keep the footprint as compact as possible - preserving lawn space for spectators. The corner is sliced off to act as the backdrop for the theater, while the cantilevered beams that complete the top corner of the cube are structurally sound to support both sets, decorations, and even performers themselves. The large glass garage doors allow the interior to completely open up to the landscape - creating additional flexibility when used as a theater, but also creating a strong connection between interior and exterior. 

Materials include restoration juniper siding, cable system for climbing vines, white metal panels, hardwood floors and car decking on the mezzanine level. 

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Lucas Gray - Project Manager
Sam Sudy - Project Designer


Portland, Oregon
Concordia Neighborhood