We work in a collaborative environment where we share ideas, challenge our preconceptions and push our designs to be innovative and responsive.

Each projects starts with interviewing our clients, visiting the site and developing clear and achievable project goals. After gathering extensive information we organize data, do background research and hold studio design charrettes with our entire team to generate as many ideas as we can. From here we depart on an iterative design process, distilling the concepts down to a clear path forward and an optimal solution to the design challenge.

Throughout a project we strive to be as responsive to our clients as possible – carefully listening to their thoughts and incorporating their ideas and needs into our design solutions. Clear communication, both within our team and to our clients and various stakeholders is an integral part to our process. We are easy to reach and are always available to our clients to discuss the progress of their designs and talk though new ideas and changes that come up along the way. To this end we use a variety of communication techniques including social media, email and other digital communication channels. However, we also value the importance of personal connections and are always up for meeting in person or talking through ideas by phone.

Throughout our design process we use a wide variety of means to express our ideas and clearly communicate them to our clients. We start by hand sketching, quickly getting out thoughts and creative ideas down on paper. We find sketching with our clients is often the best way to collaborate on the early phases of a design. From here we move both into the digital realm, moving our sketches into the computer, as well as exploring design concepts through physical and digital models. We utilize Revit as a Building Information Modeling tool to collaborate with our consultants and ensure our engineers, contractors and others are all working collaboratively to deliver the best building possible.