Success doesn’t come without the hard work and contributions from a team of passionate people. 


Our Team


Nick Mira


Lara LaFontain

Lucas Gray


Sam Sudy

Tuan Vu




Propel Studio has made it this far thanks to a growing list of contributors and collaborators. As we continue to evolve we want to thank all of those who have worked with us along the way.

  • Bryan Montanio

  • Carlos Saca

  • Kristin Slavin

  • Nick Morozov

  • Galen Carlson

  • Nithya Krithika

  • Tim Hennessy

  • Sara Phillips

  • Shauna Walker

  • John Paul Spearman

  • Britta Mack

  • Mark Steinhardt

  • Annie Ledbury

  • Taylor Fieroh

  • Duy Tran

  • Lauren Ninkovich