Sketching Abroad

When travelling to new places, taking photographs is a great way to remember everything you've seen and experienced. At Propel Studio, we love taking photographs too. However, we find that nothing compares to hand sketching as a way to carve our experiences into memory.



Most recently, our youngest employee, Sam Sudy, went on a trip to Beijing China. The following is her opinion on how sketching has changed the way she looks at travelling and experiencing new environments.



I love sketching. Whenever I travel some place new, I try and lug my giant sketchbook with me. Usually my sketches take about 30-40 minutes, but to me it is well worth the time it takes to have a document of that experience. Since getting into this habit of drawing what I see instead of snapping a picture, I have found that I forget my camera at home. There's something more vicseral about it. Don't get me wrong, I love looking at photographs, but when I flip through my sketchbook, I remember things I would easily forget looking at a picture that I took.

I remember the hard, uneven rocks I was sitting on.
I remember the smell and weight of the air I was breathing.
I remember the heat from the sun that was hitting the back of my neck.
I remember the details I was trying to capture through my pencil.
I remember the awkward feeling of being stared at... 



Even with the awkward stares, I still think it's worth the final result. 



Now, I know that my sketches won't be hanging in the Louvre anytime soon, but the way that looking at them when I return home can bring me right back to that moment when I was putting pencil to paper, I wouldn't trade that for anything.