ADU Design Services

Below is a rundown of our design process with a description of the tasks and deliverables for each phase. We break down each project into phases, working with you to finalize the design and get approval before we proceed to the next step. The schedule of the project is flexible and dependent on your availability and approval of design decisions.

Pre-Design and Programming

We start the design process by doing background research on your site to better understand its context and the regulations that affect the project. This includes developing a site plan showing all the existing structures on the site and the property lines. We do zoning research and talk to the city planning officials if any questions arise. Programming includes compiling a list of all the rooms and spaces for the project, including approximate sizes and any specific qualities or unique features you are looking for.

We highly recommend that a survey of the property be completed during this phase. A survey is prepared by a licensed surveyor and will show existing utilities, property lines, easements, topography, and other important details about the site. It is your responsibility as property owner to provide this information to Propel as the basis for our design work, and it is Propel’s right to assume the information provided is complete and correct.

Deliverable: Field measured (not surveyed) existing site plan, Programming Document

Schematic Design

Once the owner verifies and approves the pre-design, the schematic design phase will begin. This includes hand sketching and 3D modeling of concepts to start our conversation and explore your needs and taste. We will provide sketches of a few design options for the layout of the whole site and ADU including conceptual plans, elevations of each facade, and sections through the spaces. Schematic design includes several meetings where we discuss our design approach and options until we refine the design, into your preferred option to proceed.

Deliverable: Final schematic design package (site plan, floor plans, roof plan, elevations, sections, 3D views as needed to describe the design intent)

Construction Documentation

Upon approval of the schematic design and preliminary cost estimate, we will begin the construction documents phase. This phase includes generating dimensioned plans and working with you to develop construction details needed to complete the final design. During this phase we will develop the structural system in collaboration with the structural engineers, and work on any details or decisions that could potentially impact the construction cost. Any significant changes from the approved schematic design that are requested by you during the construction documents phase will be considered an additional service.

Deliverable: Final set of construction documents and permit requirements.  

City Permitting

During this phase, we bring in the final drawing set to the Building Department and follow up on any questions or plan review checksheets from the various departments. The City of Portland have been taking around 8-10 weeks to review and approve permit applications, plus additional time to review checksheet responses as needed. Additional time and expense could apply to your project if you are in a historic district and the project is required to go through the historic design review process. 

Construction Administration

We will communicate with you and the general contractor to answer any construction questions and provide information that is requested to interpret the design intent of the drawings. We will visit the site a reasonable amount during the construction process to observe the progress in order to help facilitate a high quality finished project.