Why Hire Propel Studio to design your ADU?

At Propel Studio we pride ourselves on listening closely to our clients to deliver inspiring Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) that respond specifically to your needs and the context of your property. Whether you are building new, renovating a garage, or converting space within the main house, we can help you explore your options to best meet your goals. 

We understand that each client is unique and has specific wants and needs for their project. We will approach your project with an open mindset, as we begin each design by listening to your unique thoughts and ideas. Every project should be custom designed to address the specific needs of the client as well as respond to the characteristics of the site, context and budget. We don't come with preconceived ideas, but do bring years of experience. We work with you to find the right solution to your design challenge. Whether you are designing for an aging parent, an AirBnbB rental, long-term rental, or a smaller house to move into yourself, the specific needs of the unit will vary and we will develop a design that meets any challenge. We begin the design process by understanding the goals of your project, your budget, and working together to develop a list of required spaces for the unit. This client centered approach has lead to great success with our ADU projects to date, leading to great architecture that responds to context, addresses sustainability, and satisfies the client's needs. 

Our ADU design specialties include:

  • Modern and Contemporary design

  • High performance "sustainable" ADUs

  • Aging-in-place

  • ADA Accessible Design and Barrier Free Design

  • AirBnB rentals

  • Downsizing

It is also important to note that although we are based in Portland, Oregon we can design ADUs almost anywhere. If your jurisdiction allows these project types and you would like us to help with your ADU please get in touch. 

Click here to see a range of our ADU projects.