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Sitka Art Gallery

A Zen-like cloud garden reflects the sky off a gently rippling pool, providing a tranquil atmosphere to display sculptures by the resident artists.

The Sitka Center for Art and Ecology, located along the Oregon coast, was interested in ideas for a new gallery. The parti is the intersection of two rectangles submerged into the sloping site. The first rectangle is the interior gallery space with its axis focusing on the stunning views of the ocean. The second is a reflecting pool carved into the hill creating a quiet meditative space to display sculptures. Here the lighting conditions vary due to the coastal breezes moving across the water and reflections of the ever-changing sky. The team explored methods of naturally ventilating and daylighting the building while working with Energy Scheming software to make a net zero building. The main level is accessed by a meandering ramp making a symbolic reference to the Salmon River flowing below.

Neskowin, Oregon

8,000 sf Art Gallery

Art Gallery

Conceptual Design

Sitka Center for Art and Ecology

Propel Studio