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Center for Reconciliation

The Center of Reconciliation provides a tranquil setting for the resolution of conflicts, while also harmonizing between the natural and built environment.

With a focus on the interconnection of architecture and landscape we sited our complex on a previously damaged area. Limiting erosion and repairing the scarred land became the underlying force behind our design moves. A cascading path leads the visitors through the forest to the facilities, becoming an elevated walkway as the ground slopes away. This acts like a dam collecting storm water runoff from the buildings and slowing water movement to combat erosion. Furthermore, this water collection is used as a safety feature protecting against possible bush fires. Due to the moderate climate our housing units and the great hall are open to the landscape with minimal screens protecting users from unwanted animals and insects.
The 5 person design team was part of the Glenn Murcutt International Masters Class, each collaborating on all aspects of the design, presentation drawings and models.

Bundanon, Australia

10,000 sf Retreat

30 Shared Rooms, Community Gathering Room, Meeting Rooms, Kitchen, Landscape Restoration, Outdoor Meeting Area, Walking Trails

Master Planning, Conceptual Design, Landscape Design

Design Competition

Collaboration between Agnieszka Abratkiewicz, Nicholas Bevin, Beate Wittelmeyer, Bernard Lim and Lucas Gray